i love you like a fat kid loves cake!

♥ Proud to be an eighter ♥

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a little about me
I'm a brazilian girl, eighter fangirl. That's it!

Kidding. I'm a Brazilian and Portuguese Literature student, but don't know what to do with my life.
I used to be much more otaku. Now I'm just boring and lazy.
Love good jdramas. Love good storys. And I don't care if the main actor is ugly :p
Kpop scares me. And so does the fans. The only ones I really enjoy are BIG BANG and 2NE1. The rest I just don't care ¬¬
That's why I'll keep loving JE and all that gleenes <33
This journal is friends only because YES. But I don't bite, just comment here and I'll add you back :D

I'm a YokoHina pair <33

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